Raised Access Flooring Experts

Raised access flooring is among the most essential features in every commercial workplace environment.

Properly designed and fitted, raised access flooring systems supply the ideal solution to just about any modern commercial workspace.

It is the perfect platform for any business and will provide a readily accessible environment to house and distribute all the crucial services a commercial fit-out or refurbishment could need, power, data and voice in addition to cooling, heating and ventilation.

With removable raised access flooring panels services can be easily accessed for adaptation renewal or servicing. Raised access flooring is effortlessly reconfigured to fit requirements with nominal disruption. MDfitout Ltd can supply you with a wide range of raised access flooring systems and accessories to meet the most rigorous projects.

Why a Raised Access Floor?

It supplies the building operator and the user greater flexibility on how the workspace is made use of and the capacity to be re-configured to match a new working environment.

The Main Benefits Include:

  • Produces an open plan accommodating functional environment.
  • Precisely distributes data, voice power and other services.
  • Offers passive heating, air conditioning and ventilation.
  • An affordable durable adaptable solution.
  • Rapid and easily re-configured with nominal disruption.
  • Offers a wide variety of performance solutions.
  • A complete choice of good quality durable and aesthetic floor surface finishes.